Marilyn Hawes – Keynote Speaker

Our Life Speaker

Winner of the Most Inspirational Woman 2017 & Founder & CEO of Freedom From Abuse (previously Enough Abuse UK), Marilyn Hawes is a former music teacher whose three sons were sexually groomed and assaulted by their head teacher, a close family friend.

Following a police investigation into the case in 2002, & her subsequent legal battle when the perpetrator initially evaded a gaol sentence, Marilyn realised that there were many signs she had either missed or not understood.

She began creating training programmes to educate those with a duty of care over children on how to recognise abusers’ behaviour, & as Marilyn’s own knowledge and expertise grew, she became more involved professionally in the world of child protection and safeguarding, and set up the charity Enough Abuse UK in 2004.

Today, when she is not presenting training in schools up and down the country, Marilyn is to be found delivering her pragmatic views about child abuse on the likes of BBC Radio and TV, local radio stations, Sky News, ITN and LBC.

Read A Mother’s Story – Marilyn’s personal recollection of the traumatic aftermath of her boys’ abuse, & watch Marilyn on Loose Women through YouTube.

Annie Belasco

Our Business Speaker

Annie Belasco is a writer and speaker, empowering people through their mental health journeys, however long.  She is specifically passionate about  mental health relating to women in business,  & the stresses that running a business or having a job, while bringing up children, have on these women.

She has been heard on BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour, and was a keynote speaker at ASDA’s Tickled Pink Ball 2017, where she spoke in front of 1.5K people on behalf of Breast Cancer Now and Breast Cancer Care about her own personal journey through cancer.

Her book, Love and Remission (My Life, My Man, My Cancer) was published in June 2018, & tells her tale of a young woman in search of love & mental well-being after she found a breast cancer lump.

At this point she suddenly realised how short her life had been, and the very idea of finding love seemed impossible.  As her hair fell out, and her social life crumbled, her mental health deteriorated.  She began to question if she would actually survive.  Struggling with an identity crisis & worryingly low moods, she wondered if she’d ever be able to ever live the normal life she once had.

Annie can be found at https://www.anniebelasco.co.uk/.

Emily Blake

Our Body Speaker

Emily Blake is the winner of Miss International Curve 2017/18, as well as a professionally trained presenter and events host. Emily loves to perform whether it is presenting, strutting down a catwalk or singing & acting.

Emily also works as a model and inspires confidence in young women.  She received national & international newspaper coverage after winning mbbc, & has since gone on to walk runways at many fashion shows, & worked as a model for brands including Asos, Monroe Knows, Elvi, Gemma Collins & many more!

Her aim is to show women & young girls that they can achieve their dreams no matter their financial background, heritage or looks, & she hopes to continue to inspire people to be more confident & reach their full potential through her work in schools & using her social media presence.

Emily can be found at www.facebook.com/emilyblakemissbbcurve or @presenteremilyblake on Instagram.

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